Woodruff Electric Cooperative was organized in 1937. We were formed then and continue to operate today for only one purpose: to provide reliable, low cost electric service to our members.

Woodruff Electric was organized when only 1 in 10 rural homes had electricity. It continues today to provide reliable electric service to the rural areas which make up the majority of its territory.

Coop Stats






miles of electrical distribution line

Serving members in the counties:

The cooperative pays more than $1.1 million in property taxes each year to those 7 counties.

Woodruff Electric:

There have been tremendous changes in both the quality of electric service and the way it is provided since those early days. Due to municipal growth and population shifts, the cooperative today makes use of the latest in technology to provide service to parts of most area towns and industrial parks.

Co-op History Book

Do you know Woodruff Electric’s history? From incorporation, to today’s workforce — learn about how your electric cooperative came to be. Read the whole history, in “Out of Darkness: A History of Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corporation.

Chapter 1 –  Delta in the Dark

Chapter 2-  Arkansas-is-Woodruff

Chapter 3-  Lighting up the Countryside

Chapter 4-  Power to the People

Chapter 5-  Electrifying Lives

Chapter 6-  Advancements in Adversity

Chapter 7-  Weathering Storms

Chapter 8-  Honoring Commitment

Free copies available at the Woodruff Electric headquarters office.

Cooperative Principles

Woodruff Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit organization, owned and operated by its members. Our main objective is to provide our membership with the very best electric service at the lowest possible cost. As a cooperative, we operate by these seven cooperative principles:

Woodruff Electric Bylaws

Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corporation Bylaws set forth the basic structure by which the cooperative is governed.

The bylaws’ articles include:

  • Membership
  • Rights and liabilities of members
  • Meeting of members
  • Board of directors
  • Meetings of directors
  • Officers

The Bylaws are available for your inspection at the Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corporation offices during regular business hours.

Download the WECC Bylaws (PDF).