What is HomePass by Plume?

Control, protect, and visualize your home Wi-Fi—all while it adapts to you.

Enlightened offers an additional feature to remotely manage your Wi-Fi devices, usage, and parental controls using a Plume access point and the HomePass app. This additional feature can be added for low monthly price.


HomePass by Plume is our flexible, easy-to-use system and app that distributes your fiber internet connection evenly across your home and can even extend your Wi-Fi range.


Relax and enjoy true peace of mind while your family is online—anytime and anywhere.

  • Create user profiles for each family member and assign their devices to them.
  • See when everyone’s primary devices have entered and left home.
  • Create guest passwords in a breeze for visitors or shared spaces.
  • Set up planned internet breaks and device freezes to practice healthy
    screentime habits.
  • Control which content each user can access online.

Protect & Visualize

Get a detailed look at your home internet network 24/7—all with built-in digital security.

  • SuperPods are highly-flexible hardware pieces that plug into home outlets to power the core of our smart home system.
  • The app gives you a clear view to see everything happening on your home internet.
  • Guards every linked device from cyber threats like malware, spyware, and ransomware.
  • It filters out suspicious activity and automatically quarantines devices that are behaving strangely.
  • Enjoy an ad-free online experience with automatic ad-blocking from known ad servers.