How Meter Reading Works

  • Meter reading is done monthly and accurately
  • All of Woodruff Electric’s regular and residential meters are read by an automated meter reading system

Woodruff Electric uses automated meter infrastructure (AMI) and radio frequency (RF) technology to gather usage, voltage and other valuable information from our meters.

  • Each meter has a device inside the glass that reads the meter
  • That information is sent to the office by using the power line as the communications carrier

Automated Meter-Reading Equipment

Woodruff Electric is the first electric utility in Arkansas to have automated meter-reading equipment installed on all its residential meters.

  • The automated meter reading system is much more accurate than visually reading the meter
  • In fact, readings are available almost every day instead of just once a month
  • This feature gives us a tool to use in resolving questions concerning high or unexpected electricity usage

You can still read your own meter to compare to the reading on which you are billed. We will read the meter for billing purposes on or about the 22nd day of each month. The exact day will vary slightly from month to month.

Radio Frequency (RF) Automated Meter System Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for a radio frequency, automated meter system?

The RF and AMI technologies provide Woodruff Electric and its members with numerous benefits:

  • Pinpoint the exact location of outages more quickly, meaning a faster response time.
  • Collect hourly and daily meter readings to help members better understand their power consumption patterns.
  • Collect voltage and other data across the system to better monitor power quality and systems inefficiencies.
  • Advanced system features that will allow for more trouble-shooting options for co-op employees from the office, increasing efficiency.
What information does my meter record?

Your meter records an electronic kilowatt hour (kWh) reading, the date and time of energy usage, the overall peak demand of the electric account, if the meter has rotated backwards, and the number of times the meter has experience a loss of power for any reason. In fact, the meter will record the date and time of light blinks and the length of the power outage.

How will the co-op read the meters?

The cooperative’s computer system will communicate with the meters through routers and collectors installed throughout the system. The meter reading is sent back to the co-op via secure radio frequency.