Uncontrolled Burning

“Uncontrolled fields burning may have unexpected results.”


Uncontrolled Burning Results In: 

  • Structure loss
  • Arcing from Conductor to Conductor — extreme heat causes air surrounding high voltage lines to lose insulation values, allowing electricity to flash or arc between conductors and interrupt service to local and/or regional areas.

Power Interruptions Affect:

  • 911 Services
  • Public Water Wells
  • Nursing Homes
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Police Services
  • Fire Department
  • Critical Care Units
  • Hospitals & Operating Rooms
    • Loss of power to Life Support Equipment
    • Loss of power to Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Production
  • Inventory Reduction and Lost Wages
  • Damaged Equipment or Products
  • Possible Legal Liability


Prepare for Safe and Controlled Burning:

  • Temperatures less than 90° F
  • Relative humidity greater than 30%
  • Surface wind 3 to 5 MPH (max- gusting to 10 MPH)

Burning Near Power Lines:

  • Firebreaks and Tillage –  60 feet from center-line on wooden structures
  • Backfires –  Reduce heat emission near power lines and protect structures

Did you know? The cost to replace a wooden pole averages $2,700. Woodruff Electric is a not-for-profit organization, owned and operated by its members.  Therefore, every time a pole is burned, that costs – You…  the member!