Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corporation (WECC) is excited to offer another way to pay your electric bill through the WE EZPay Program! Prepay Program is a new prepay billing service that allows members to pay for electricity how and when you choose. Purchasing electricity before you use it means that you control your budget and pay how much you want, when you want. And there are no security deposits or late fees. Instead of a monthly billing statement, your usage and balance are calculated daily.

  • Choose your own payment schedule
  • Purchase electricity when convenient
  • Monitor electrical usage
  • Customize the plan that is best for you
  • No deposits, no late fees and no monthly bills
  • You control your electricity budget

For more information, view the EZPay Brochure (PDF).

Prepay Arrangements

Members with past due balances can sign up for Prepay, which allows the member to pay in advance for the electricity they use, while reducing the past due balance with a percentage of each payment that is made. The percentage applied to the past due balance will vary depending on the size of the past due balance and the average monthly bill. One big advantage of the Prepay program is that any deposit currently on account can be applied to the past due balance. There are no deposits, late fees, or reconnect charges with Prepay. The member can pay when, and as often as they like, and can pay by IVR, online, or a minimum of $20 at one of our offices. If the prepay balance runs out, the meter will be automatically disconnected. The meter will be automatically reconnected once a payment is made that results in a $20 credit balance.

Delayed Payment Arrangements

In addition to the standard delayed payment arrangements and extensions offered, WECC is also offering those with Covid-related delinquencies an extended payment arrangement based on the delinquent balance and ability to pay of each affected member . Each month an equal installment based on the number of months extended will be applied to the current billing. This installment is treated the same as other current billing charges, which are subject to penalties and disconnect if not paid by the due date each month. In the event the account closes, all remaining installments will be due along with the final bill.