Copper Theft

Woodruff Electric utilizes a large amount of metals in constructing and maintaining the infrastructure that delivers electricity to the members on our system. As a result, we are often targets of metal theft throughout our service-territory. Over the years, Cooperative employees have seen a wide array of theft and have dealt with the expense of correcting the system integrity caused by thieves.

Cooperative substations and power lines are often located in remote areas and are the targets of theft. Substation equipment is exposed to high voltage and only trained, well-equipped professionals should enter a substation or attempt to make contact with a power line. Anyone else entering a substation facility or making contact with any component of a distribution power line subjects himself to many potential dangers, including death.

In the electric utility industry, metal theft often results in power outages and unnecessary expense to restore the damaged power distribution infrastructure. Your local electric cooperative is a not-for-profit business and you, as a member, ultimately bear the cost to replace the stolen metals.

We are dedicated to delivering electricity safely and reliably to our members. The infrastructure required to meet this goal involves thousands of miles of power lines and multiple substations across 7 counties. If the integrity of a substation or a stretch of power lines is violated, thousands of households and businesses could experience a loss of electric service.

New scrap metal laws have been very helpful, but your assistance is still needed to help your local electric cooperative maintain the integrity of the electricity delivery infrastructure.

Electrical Power Theft

Effects of Power Theft: Woodruff Electric is a not-for-profit organization, owned and operated by its members. When someone steals electricity from their electric co-op, all members pay for it. Power theft carries deadly risks. Many thieves pay for the power they steal with their lives.

Costs: In addition to the purchase of wholesale electric power, Woodruff Electric must pay for building and maintaining the poles, wires, transformers, substations and other components of the electric system.

Consequences: Stealing electricity is a crime that can be punishable by hefty fines and jail time.  At a minimum, the thief can be charged penalties and large deposits to receive service from the utility.

Safety: Any form of electricity, when not properly controlled or harnessed, can result in serious danger to those who use it including a variety of health hazards.

Report It: If you know of someone who is stealing electric power, let us know.  We will send someone to investigate and we will keep your information confidential.