Making Accidents Disappear

Scott Davis, a magician, has teamed up with the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas to use magic tricks to teach electrical safety to elementary school students. Making Accidents Disappear is an educational and entertaining program that teaches children the importance of electrical safety. The 40-minute school assembly program uses audience participation, comedy, stories, and magic to communicate the importance of behaving safely around electricity. In addition to safety tips, magician Scott Davis also teaches students about energy efficiency and conservation.

Check out this video, “Bringing a Lifetime of Magic and Safety Together,” that will tell you more about the show!

For more information or to schedule a program e-mail Woodruff Electric.

High Voltage Safety Demonstration

Woodruff Electric is invested in educating the public about electrical safety. Woodruff Electric conducts safety demonstrations using a trailer equipped with a model electrical distribution system, including poles, wires and a transformer, among other equipment. The demonstrations are performed with live electrical power, about 7,000 volts, to educate the public about proper safety precautions around electrical equipment. Woodruff Electric feels that it is very important to share safety messages with groups and organizations throughout our communities! For more information e-mail Woodruff Electric or call (870) 633-2262 to schedule the safety trailer demonstration for your group, church, business or organization.